Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lorna Morgan Lorna Morgan

My first atlas to play Editions Auzou

but if item not sponsored Editions Auzou wish to make a move for my business class, I have nothing against ...

Antinéa brought his "first atlas to play" in class following our discussion about China.
It has a magnetic card planisphere (foldable 4), the pieces World and a spiral book.

I found very well done and within reach of young children CP and CE1!
Fun and pleasant to use, this material can not enchant our little curious.
For an overview of the content and convince you of its usefulness, let me show you the page just about China!

Me, I had a crush on this atlas very well designed!
Here is the link to get the price of 19.90 €:
and the link to their Facebook page:


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